Mission Statement

Connecting minds worldwide, we collaborate as a team to create a competitive robot to inspire those similarly interested in STEM. Through FRC, we surpass our creative limits and explore our curiosity in all corners of engineering by challenging ourselves, applying our learned skills, and innovating theory into reality to build an industrialized robot.

Team History

We were formerly known as the Top Hat Technicians (est. 2012) until 2022, when we partnered with Stanford Online High School and rebranded as the Pixelators, building a fresh team of OHS students. We have since won four Judges’ Awards, competed as the #2-seeded Alliance (2024), and rose to captain of playoff Alliance #8 (2023) at the Orange County Regional, while steadily expanding across all age groups and regions of the world. In the past 5 years, we have received grants and funding by major organizations and companies, including NASA, Northrop-Grumman, Qualcomm and Viasat.

Global Reach

What sets our team apart is its diverse membership, spanning three continents. While based in Southern California and Orange County, team members come from various states across the US, such as Texas, Florida, Michigan, and New York as well as internationally from Thailand and Serbia. Our team includes members of all ages (Co27-24) and backgrounds, incorporating a diverse environment of talented youth.