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Mission Statement

Connecting minds from across the world, we collaborate as a team to create a competitive robot in hopes to provide an example to those who are similarly interested in STEM. Through FRC, we surpass our creative limits and explore our curiosity in STEM by challenging ourselves, applying our learned skills, and innovating theory into reality in order to build an industrialized robot.

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Meet the Team


Alistair Keiller

Team Captain; Electronics Lead; Designer, Driver, Fabricator, Programmer

Alistair is interested in web development, competitive programming, robotics, and math. Additional hobbies he enjoys are welding and video games. Other than progressing in USACO, a programming competition, and WMTC, a math competition, most of his goals revolve around projects such as programming a browser-based collaborative web editor to compete with replies or giving Adobe Connect a dark mode.

Denis Levine

Programming Lead

Denis is a passionate programmer that lives by the coast in California. He enjoys robotics as it lets him explore and extend various aspects of his coding knowledge through different sensors and technologies (such as motor controls and color sensors). With programming, Denis finds it very fun to tackle difficult problems regarding different areas and subsystems of the robot. Outside of robotics, he is involved in tennis and many cryptocurrency-related projects.

20220218_120550 - Denis Levine (1).jpg

Dylan Huang

Fabrication Lead; Designer and Diver

Dylan lives in Southern California. He has had an interest in robotics ever since he was young, and has competed in programs such as VEX. In the future. he plans to continue with team 4014 and improve using their experience from this year. He hopes to continue to improve and progressively perform better at competitions.

Emerson Tiller

Design Lead and Driver

Emerson lives in Chicago, Illinois and first became interested in robotics when he saw the Curiosity Rover launch. Ever since he has been exploring engineering and robotics. He has been doing First Robotics Competitions for over five years (in all three formats) as a designer (working in Fusion 360), fabricator, and driver. In general, he enjoys taking apart electronics and researching computer parts to better understand the technology in the world around him. His other interests and hobbies include astrophysics, archery, playing guitar, music arrangement and composition, as well as writing.​

Studio Session-33875 (1) - Katherine Viala_edited_edited.jpg

Katherine Nicole Viala

Marketing Lead; Designer, Driver, Fabricator

Katherine Nicole Viala was born in the Bay Area and moved to Southern California at the age of nine. As much as she loves expressing herself through more creative means such as art, music, and sports, Viala quite enjoys intellectual challenges such as competing in math and science Olympiads as well as FLL, FTC, and FRC robotics. With pure curiosity, she stepped into the world of innovation and found love in STEM projects and activities. In the future, she hopes to continue to explore her passion for learning and experiencing while thriving to become a better version of herself than the day before.

Vivian Chan

Fundraising Lead

Vivian is a 3rd year OHS student located in California. Her interest in robotics came from having been part of the FIRST Lego League robotics team in middle school, and being encouraged to take part in STEM activities in an all female team. She appreciates the opportunity to work with different types of people and to learn more about herself through FIRST. Some of her other interests include neuroscience and math. Her favorite activity is dance, and is a senior member of a dance company.

IMG_0432 - Vivian Chan (1).jpeg
2 - harrison scarrow.jpg

Harrison Scarrow


Harrison is a 9th grader who lives in Springfield, Missouri. He enjoys playing piano, spending time with my dogs, cooking/baking, and spending time with his friends. Harrison first became interested in robotics/software development after taking his first computer science class in 6th grade. He enjoyed it and continued to take computer science classes for each of his following school years.

Rushaan Mahajan


Rushaan is currently a 9th grade student living in Seattle, Washington. He is passionate about engineering and designing and is excited to learn about the detailed process from the initial idea to the final robot on Pixelators Team 4014. Playing chess for over 10 years, and being a National Chess Master, he loves learning through the entire journey and seeing that connection in Robotics. Currently, being an entrepreneur for a platform, Robotics will help him develop the physical process of interacting with a Robot and learning about its vast applications.

image_2022_02_27T04_49_15_267Z - Rushaan Mahajan_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 7.47.14 PM - Tesla Pratt.png

Tesla Pratt

Designer and Fabricator

Tesla is 14 years old and lives in Los Angles California. Aside from growing on FRC Team 4014, she enjoys creating unique Arduino projects, like her wirelessly controlled mini pond Zamboni, and playing ice hockey!

Robert Voorhis


Robert is a student at Stanford University, in California. He has always found robotics and engineering to be interesting, ever since his grandfather took him for a ride on his mower and got him a model car. He did FLL in middle school, and was part of FRC Team 4904 in high school. He is currently studying mechanical engineering with plans to pursue it as a career. Outside of robotics, he volunteers at the USS Hornet Museum and is interested in history as well as Tae Kwon Do.

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426 - Mark Post (1)_edited.jpg

Mark Post


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